Friday, 15 August 2014

A Week Off

Well, I’m going to have to leave you for a little while in order to collect some riding stories. The plan is to hit some of the best riding in Wales and come back to you with tales of long singletrack and tough climbs, and hopefully not too much rain, although things aren’t looking optimistic right now.

When I come back it’ll be time for the final of the Downhill World cup in France, so why not fill the time with the stats form Windham, and see where Ratboy found the time over all his rivals. It makes interesting reading.

We’ll also be getting into the Vuelta and there should be a stacked field of people who crashed out of the Tour de France. For example, Contador will be riding.

Finally I skimmed through this story as it seemed like another stolen bike piece, until I reached the end and realised that the twist was that the police had previously used a photo of the victim, claiming it was someone they suspected of the theft. I guess anyone can be guilty of profiling…

I’ll keep it short today and get back to my mixture of nerves and excitement about next week.


Wednesday, 13 August 2014


This week seems like a bit of a skills session, covering the fact that I’m a bit under the weather and busy. Yesterday it was the mountain bike skills of Sagan and today I’ve decided to be a bit more extreme.

I imagine you have often thought that one backflip is now a bit passé as literally any one worth their salt has been pulling them. What you need is a triple backflip to really be worthwhile these days.

That’s raised the bar a little. Mind you I won’t think it’s arrived as a trick until people are pulling them every time they try at Crankworx events.


Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Sagan Style

You know Peter Sagan, he likes to show off a bit on a road bike, with wheelies and all and it’s hard not to find it a bit annoying in a way.

The thing is tho, if you put him on a mountain bike it all makes a lot more sense and he just looks like a smooth and stylish rider. Suddenly I like him a lot more.

The comments below this video made me realise how little some fans know about cycling and that there are a lot of ex mountain bikers in the pro peloton, and that they are often the best bike handlers and the most successful road riders. Think for a second of Froome and Nibali who have both famously dabbled in the dirt and riders like Cadel Evans who were more famous for years as a mountain biker before he broke into the road scene.


Monday, 11 August 2014

Windham Weekend

A quick one today to tell you about the weekend’s action.

The Ride London Classic wound its way out of the capital and into Surrey, and then back in where it was won by Adam Blythe ahead of Ben Swift in the sprint.

Downhill mountain bike action came from New York at Windham, in another round that mixed up the standings a little. Manon Carpenter could only make it to fourth, behind Hannah, Atherton and Ragot, who put together a blistering run to take a win on a course that suits her down to the ground.
The men’s race it was another scorching event, with big names dropping out of the top ten and leaving a podium made up of Gwin, Brosnan and Josh Bryceland taking another win and looking like the on-form rider of the moment.

Highlights here:

In other news there was an interesting article form Bike Radar on the bikes of WWI, and this film:


Friday, 8 August 2014

Ready for the Weekend

Sorry for a missed day but I’m back with news for the weekend. While the World Cup scene is over the other side of the pond they’re straight odd to Windham for the next round. You can see it all here, and find out how the Atherton/Carpenter battle goes down, as well as seeing if the new guys on the block can overturn the old guard in the men’s event.

Get yourself in the mood with some action from CG:


In London the London Surrey Classic will be causing traffic chaos, but will now feature Bradley Wiggins as part of Team Sky’s squad, where he will be likely to ride to set up Ben Swift for a sprint finish.

In case you thought road cycling was all friendly in the road world as they pottered along in the peloton all day, have a look at this hand-bag event: