Tuesday, 30 September 2014


Well that was Rampage. Unsurprisingly it was all about the massive names of Freeride who stood head and shoulders above the rest of the incredible riders in the event. Semenuk madeit into third with an awesome 360 off a natural drop and a line that took in an awesome drop. Cam Zink came second with another huge line, but it was Andreu Lacondeguy who took the win with a clean tricked up line that put him so far in the lead form his first run that he didn’t need to overcome his nerves for a second trip down the ridge. Lacondeguy overcomes his run of fourth places to make his deserved place in history with a trip to the top of the podium.

Zink took the best trick award and Semenuk took the FMB overall championship with his third place. Really words don’t do justice to the huge lines these guys pull off the side of this desert mountain in Utah, so I will updste this page with videos as they become available.

This is what it took to win this year:

On basically the sameline this was Graham Agassiz run to win qualifying, although a knee injury in practice out him out of the finals.

Full Highlights here:


Monday, 29 September 2014

Postponed Excitement

I expected to be bringing you results and the wow factor from Rampage today but the weather has conspired against the event and pushed the whole schedule back. The finals aren’t confirmed yet but should go off tonight. Until then all I have to show are the qualifiers. And clearly there’snothing good in there. Oh hang on they are also full of properly insane lines already. Finals will be in many ways off the hook.

Luckily there was plenty else going on as well. Mountain bike wise Rachel Atherton chased a load of women downhillers in the female Foxhunt.

On the tarmac the men got going yesterday and as with every race on the road you only really need to watch the last few kilometres.

Annoyingly it was Kwiatkowski who took the win on a long attack and made it complicated for all the bike bloggers that have to once again spell his name. I respect his talent and power but it would be nice if riders with simpler names started winning.

The GB team put in an average showing, but then went on the lash.

Otherwise with it being Dave Millar’s last race, it was very much a changing of the guard with the young guns from both the men’s and women’s teams coming to the fore and giving great hope for the future.


Friday, 26 September 2014


I have already mentioned the Road World Champs this weekend, which I’m sure will be exciting, but nowhere near as thrilling as the other big event on Sunday.

It’s finally time for Red Bull Rampage 2014.

Watch the World’s best freeriders tackle a new course in Utah and expect massive lines and some of the most incredible tricked-up riding all year in this huge showcase event.

Follow the build-up and the live event here:

It all kicks off in a live broadcast at 7PM on Sunday and you can watch it here:

Watch Live

Will Kyle Strait win again or can one of these pre-qualified riders do it:

Garett Buehler (Canada)

Pierre Edouard Ferry (France)

Brendan Fairclough (Great Britain)

Thomas Genon (Belgium)

Ramon Hunziker (Switzerland)

Andreu Lacondeguy (Spain)

Cam McCaul (USA)

Kelly McGarry (New Zealand)

Mike Montgomery (USA)

Brandon Semenuk (Canada)

Kurt Sorge (Canada)

Kyle Strait (USA)

Cam Zink (USA)

Already there has been carnage:

More on Monday.


Thursday, 25 September 2014


You might remember I pointed out a trail I didn’t want to ride (come on, it was only yesterday…) well here are a whole load of ones I would love to, courtesy of the Trans Pyrenees race:

I want to go for a ride now.

While this is happening, there is also much excitement in Spain for the Road World Championships. Earlier in the week the Team Time Trial was won by BMC, but the action starts to hot up from a country point of view with the Individual Time Trial yesterday. Putting any doubts to bed Bradley Wiggins lined up against a fit Tony Martin in this race and beat him.

With off-peak performances in the last few events Wiggins has shown where his focus sat and now becomes the holder of the British, Olympic, and World ITT titles at once, and has done it in an undisputed way with everyone in place to contest it. The spotlight now shifts to the road races on Sunday.


Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Often I watch videos of other people riding and I develop a yearning to go and ride the same paths. In the case of this film I did not feel that:

Wilder Kaiser extreme from Big Col on Vimeo.

Closer to home there was news that Halfords is opening a new chain of Central London shops, to cash in on that cycling boom that Dawes manufacturer says isn’t a thing. I think that I trust Halfords’ opinion on this and pronounce the cycling boom officially real.

Finally this Wall Street Journal article has been tickling the edge of my consciousness for a few days and I think it’s finally time to comment on it. So. Just no. These bikes aren’t “blurring the lines between a bike and a car”. Unless you’ve literally never seen either before and you have only heard that a car has wheels. They’re still clearly bikers and that is a great thing.